We design, develop, and bring to fruition interactive experiences that enable new styles and technologies of interaction between people and computers, expanding the vocabulary of design.

Our work seeks to create richer, real-world interactions that connect people and engender new ways of living, working, and sharing, making everyday objects and spaces even more dynamic and interactive than the online and digital worlds. We push the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sensory experiences that are enhanced, rather than supplanted, by technology.

Through a unique mix of large-scale installations, brand-specific projects, and in-studio research and development, we bring together design, technology, and architecture to create imaginative interactive experiences for clients ranging from global luxury brands and tech giants to museums and agencies.

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Architecting Experience

We stand at the dawn of a huge shift in the field of interaction design, one where the dynamism of the digital world is embodied in the physical, where our everyday objects have even richer interactivity than today’s smartphones, … Read more

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