Patten Studio is a small company based in New York that works at the intersection of design and technology to create new interactive experiences. Our projects range from interactive museum exhibits to new product prototypes, to data visualization systems.

We are always looking for talented people with technical and/or creative design skills. If you are very good at what you do and like the idea of working in an interdisciplinary environment, please get in touch. Currently, we are especially on the lookout for people with the following skills:

- Interaction design
- Graphic design
- Product design
- Industrial design
- Project management
- Software development: C, C++, Python, OpenGL, openFrameworks, MySQL, etc.
- Electronics: digital, analog, RF design, EMC
- Embedded systems: AVR, MSP430, ARM, Blackfin
- CAD: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, EAGLE

We are particularly interested in candidates who have experience in both design and a technical field such as electronics or computer science. We seek candidates that can tackle each step of the design and implementation process creatively. For most of our projects, you must be willing to relocate to the NYC area. To apply, please email us your resume, cover letter, and a recent portfolio of personal and professional projects to Please do not email us Microsoft DOC files.


For the right candidates, an internship at Patten Studio can be an excellent way to gain hands on experience in the world of interaction design. All internships take place in our studio in NYC. All internships are paid positions. Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States. To apply, please send the following items to

- resume (PDF format please)
- portfolio (a link to a recent online portfolio is fine)
- schedule (what are the proposed start and end dates for your proposed internship?)
- brief personal statement, including the following:

What do you want to learn while interning with us? Do you have an interaction project or idea in mind that you would like to pursue during your proposed internship? If so, please tell us about it. What else would you like to get out of an internship with Patten Studio?