Kinetic Installation

Christian Louboutin celebrated 20 years in the luxury shoe business with playful and Surrealist window displays at Barneys on Madison Avenue

Working to interpret the French designer’s iconic red-soled, high-heeled shoes in a variety of tongue-in-cheek scenarios, Patten Studio created a series of kinetic installations and scenes for the window displays at Barneys. Through various mechanisms, shoes and other props moved, as if by magic.


The Chase

In this scene of coltish flirtation, a man (or, more accurately, his shoes) tried to catch a woman (her shoes). The tension built up as he first tracked her slowly, then caught up to her — at which point she quickly scooted away. The shoes, holding powerful magnets inside them, were powered by motors and controlled by electronic circuits. The entire mechanism sat beneath a clear plexiglass platform in full view of intrigued passersby.

The Clock 

In addition to the Chase, other window scenes included one where nine of Louboutin’s vertiginous Pigalle pumps spun, under electronic control, around a mannequin’s red-maned head.

Patten Studio
Creative Ideation, Electronics, Fabrication
  • Dennis Freedman
    Creative Director, Barneys
  • Tommy Dobrzynski
    Director, Display, Barneys
  • Matthew Mazzucca
    Director of Visual Design, Barneys
  • Tom Sibley
    Photo and Video Documentation
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