Kinetic Installation

A series of moving displays featuring former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfield’s jazzed up Barneys’ store windows for New York’s biggest shopping party, Fashion’s Night Out

The windows provided glimpses into “Carine’s World,” Mario Sorrenti’s two-part documentary series of the same name that traces the glamorous life of France’s fashion’s elite. Selected clips from the film were manipulated and projected in exhibits titled “Walking”, “Eyes”, and “Water”.


A mechanical triptych comprising nine TV screens showed Carine in various transit scenarios, such as walking, driving, or riding an elevator. In deliberately staccato motion, the screens folded in on one another, creating physical movements that amplified the on-screen content.

Eyes & Water

“Eyes” was composed of a row of TV screens featuring Carine’s eyes up close. The nine images changed over time as the eyes blinked, twitched, and fluttered.

With “Water”, we wanted to play with the physical elements surrounding technology, specifically, explore how we could use those objects to manipulate digital images. The result was a device that projected a video clip of Carine up and through a shallow pool of water that was periodically agitated to create ripples on the surface. The textured images were then reflected in a mirror to be viewed by passersby.

Patten Studio
Concept, Design, Fabrication, Electronics, Software, AV
  • Mario Sorrenti
  • Dennis Freedman
    Creative Director, Barneys
  • Consulate
    Video Editing
  • Tommy Dobrzynski
    Director, Display, Barneys
  • Matthew Mazzucca
    Director of Visual Design, Barneys
  • Hypersonic
  • Andrew Laska
    CNC Machining
  • Tom Sibley
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