Kinetic Installation

Capturing the “spirit of all things new,” Barneys’ window displays for Spring 2013 were an eye-poppingly colorful series of explorations of Surrealism

“Neo Modern” was an installation that celebrated the energy of spring, by combining the bright colors of the season’s new designs with equally eye-catching digital film content.

Patten Studio worked alongside Barneys’ Creative Director Dennis Freedman, as well as video and music artists Yuri Ancanari and Bartolomeo Sailer, to mechanically reproduce digital effects on wheels and screens.


A series of TV screens showed looping footage of Surrealist eyes, hands, and heads, interspersed with stop-motion animation of colorful pills spelling out “Neo Modern”. All the while, an oversized magnifying glass moved through the installation, distorting and magnifying moving images, while two 7 ft. steel wheels physically rotated large screen displays.

Patten Studio
Fabrication, electronics, software, AV
  • Yuri Ancanari
  • Dennis Freedman
    Creative Director, Barneys
  • Tommy Dobrzynski
    Director, Display, Barneys
  • Matthew Mazzucca
    Director of Visual Design, Barneys
  • Tom Sibley
    Photo and Video Documentation
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