In collaboration with PixMob, Patten Studio helped transform tens of thousands of sports fans into one massive colored-light canvas

At the 2014 Super Bowl, PixMob distributed customized knit-caps embedded with LED lights to football fans attending the game at the MetLife stadium. Each one of the 80,000 spectators, in their technologically-enhanced toppers, became pixels in a digital canvas during the halftime show. As Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed onstage, PixMob wirelessly activated the hats, transforming the stadium into a sea of technicolor dots. Crowd engagement for what was essentially the first-ever human video screen extended far beyond the stadium, reaching 115 million viewers watching from home. The same technology was used at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. 


Patten Studio developed a series of simulation and software tools that PixMob could use to interface with, and monitor, its various video hardware, as well as to ensure that the right video content lit up in the right part of the stadium at the right time. During the show, excited humans became bobbing pixels, displaying formations of geometric patterns, mirrored silhouettes of onstage performers, and lighting effects that accented fireworks.

Patten Studio
  • PixMob
    Concept, Hardware, Software, Production
  • Jean-Sebastien Rousseau
  • Sebastian Dallaire
    Industrial Design
  • Bob Barnhart
    Lighting Design
  • Steve Thomas
    Rigging Coordinator
  • Bruce Rodgers
    Production Designer
  • Jason Rudolph
    Hippo Operator
  • Kristen Terry
    Cast Field Director
  • Dave Grill
    Lighting Director
  • Ricky Kirshner
    Executive Producer
  • Rob Paine
    Supervising Producer
  • Hamish Hamilton
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