Visuals travel across a network of twenty LCD screens at the Golden Ticket popup event for adidas’ CONFIRMED.

In celebration of Members Week, adidas wanted to bring their CONFIRMED app off the small screen, transforming it into an immersive popup experience. In order to bring CONFIRMED to life in Downtown Manhattan, marketing agency Exposure reached out to Patten Studio to create a video art installation that would show guests a world without Ls.

During Members Week, sneakerheads followed latitude & longitude coordinates on an enigmatic treasure hunt for the CONFIRMED popup activation in their city. Those who found the popup were entered in a raffle to win the Golden Ticket—automatic, guaranteed access to all the most hyped adidas sneaker drops for a month. In addition to the New York treasure hunt and popup, there were Golden Ticket events hosted in Tokyo, London, Paris, and Berlin.

In order to bring the CONFIRMED popup to life, Patten Studio created an immersive video art installation to electrify the space. Sneakerheads who found their way to the Bowery Street popup in New York City discovered a portal to a sci-fi punk world without Ls—complete with LED panels, Jetson Nano computers, and chaotic wiring. Patten Studio wrote custom software that allowed CONFIRMED graphics to migrate across the twenty LCD displays arrayed around the space. CCTV cameras captured guests from all angles, showing the convergence of on-screen and off-.

During Members Week thousands of new users downloaded the CONFIRMED app for a chance to join in on the treasure hunt and find the Golden Ticket activation in their city. The New York Golden Ticket event drew a crowd of adidas fans and influencers to Bowery Street in Soho, rewarding an engaged and enthusiastic audience with a memorable brand experience.

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