A dynamic, hybrid media installation lights up M·A·C’s Manhattan showroom.

Each season, M·A·C Cosmetics reimagines its Manhattan showroom through a custom art installation that shares its brand story with visiting corporate buyers. For the Spring 2016 season, M·A·C reached out to Patten Studio to create a dynamic media display highlighting its newest products.

Patten Studio created a hybrid video wall that connected a variety of displays to create a cohesive, storytelling network. Video footage of M·A·C products and mood board-style imagery migrated across an array of vintage televisions from the 1950s, LCD screens, and projectors. Occasionally, the footage synchronized across all of the displays to create one deconstructed image.

The media installation captured the aesthetic of the M·A·C brand and the imaginations of corporate buyers, helping to differentiate M·A·C from its competitors.

Patten Studio
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  • M·A·C Cosmetics
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