This media installation in M·A·C's corporate showroom tells the story of their new collection

M·A·C’s Manhattan offices feature a showroom for corporate buyers to make bulk purchases of their latest product lines. This showroom needs to evoke the emotion behind M·A·C’s products, not just put them on display. To connect with buyers on an emotional level, M·A·C commissions custom art installations there every season.

For M·A·C’s showroom, we created a video wall with a mix of old and new televisions, ranging from black and white sets from the 1950s to the latest flat panel screens. The installation showcased found footage selected to accompany M·A·C’s latest lines.

Our installation differentiated M·A·C from other cosmetic brands, communicating their style and fashion to their corporate buyers.

Patten Studio
Graphics, Video editing, Software, Electronics design
  • M·A·C Cosmetics
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