The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event in the country. At halftime, we turned the stadium audience into a massive video screen

The Super Bowl halftime show captures the attention of more American television viewers than almost any other event. For halftime show sponsor PepsiCo, it is a unique opportunity to connect with consumers around its values of diversity, empowerment and inclusion. At the same time, the Super Bowl is all about spectacle. With each year comes the challenge of outdoing the previous year’s show.

For the 2014 Super Bowl, Patten Studio worked with Montreal-based Pixmob to turn the Met-life stadium audience into a huge video screen, where each fan became a pixel during Bruno Mars’ halftime show performance. Each fan wore a hat with a special sensor and LEDs. During the show, the light from every fan’s hat combined to show live video of Bruno Mars, along with a breathtaking series of visual effects.

In addition to reaching 115 million television viewers, the experience generated extensive press, ranging from the Huffington Post, to the New York Post to Wired. The Pepsi branded hats lived on as collectors’ items after the show. The same technology was used at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Patten Studio
  • PepsiCo
  • PixMob
    Concept, Hardware, Software, Production
  • Jean-Sebastien Rousseau
  • Sebastian Dallaire
    Industrial Design
  • Bob Barnhart
    Lighting Design
  • Steve Thomas
    Rigging Coordinator
  • Bruce Rodgers
    Production Designer
  • Jason Rudolph
    Hippo Operator
  • Kristen Terry
    Cast Field Director
  • Dave Grill
    Lighting Director
  • Ricky Kirshner
    Executive Producer
  • Rob Paine
    Supervising Producer
  • Hamish Hamilton
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