Interactive Installation

SenseScape, a multi-sensory interactive installation, showed off Intel’s latest suite of technologies in IoT and computer vision.

Intel is about more than just processors. As a brand, they’re focused on creating technologies that enable new kinds of experiences. Patten Studio designed SenseScape to help Intel showcase the richness of user engagement made possible by moving beyond the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen.


To engage seasoned tech executives and millennials alike, we needed to present an interactive environment that pushed the boundaries of Intel’s technology and rise above the din of CES.

We used Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras to create an immersive ocean-inspired environment that responded to visitors’ motions. Custom-made Intel Curie-embedded bracelets allowed visitors to affect the onscreen fish by recognizing specific gestures, like  clapping, which caused the creatures to scatter. IoT technologies rounded out the interactive experience, allowing visitors to pluck harp strings generating a variety of musical notes and onscreen ripple effects.

The tactile, audio, and visual elements of the interaction gave CES attendees a glimpse into a future where the spaces around us do more than just quantify data. Giving them a chance to play with and discover how Intel’s technologies the latest Intel products also helped them discover the impact of their movements in fun and novel ways.

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