Interactive Installation

The marquee experience inside Intel’s 12,000 sq. ft. booth, which was voted Time.com’s Best Booth Experience and EventMarketer.com’s No. 1 Experience at CES 2015, offered an immersive journey through virtual desert, snow, and space.

Patten Studio created a 100-ft video wall of Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras that captured live video of conference attendees, then transformed their body’s forms and movements in three interactive environments: Desert, Cosmos, and Snow.

“Only one space in all of CES is both foreign and inviting, like a time capsule from the future that instantly feels right at home.” Time.com

Transportive Journeys with RealSense

In the Desert realm, attendees were projected as millions of sand particles that mirrored  visitors’ movements with prismatic light and color. In Cosmos, visitors interacted with asteroids in space; while in Snow, digital crystalline ice clusters accumulated on visitors’ reflections, then shattered in response to their real-time movements.

These journeys allowed for a wide range of physical movements and interactions, made possible by data from 86 RealSense cameras, displayed over a matrix of 84 monitors and processed by 21 networked Intel Core i7 PCs.


“Intel is starting its big keynote with a musical performance that it says is powered by its Real Sense technology. It's completely nuts.” BusinessInsider.com

RealSense Dancers at Intel’s Keynote Performance

Rounding out the RealSense experience was Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s keynote speech, which was given against a projection of live dancers’ real-time reflections in the Desert environment.


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