Visitors to CES use their bodies to engage an immersive, digital seascape, brought to life by Intel’s sensors and IoT technology.

At CES 2016, Intel wanted to show that its advanced technology platforms do more than process data: they bring our environment to life, enabling surprising, emotionally powerful experiences. After the success of Patten Studio’s interactive exhibit for Intel at CES 2015, Intel reached out to our team to create an unforgettable followup experience. Inspired by a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Patten Studio concepted and created SenseScape, an immersive “underwater” ecosystem inhabited by responsive marine life.

SenseScape was designed for group play and discovery. CES visitors wearing Intel Curie-embedded wristbands entered a colorful predator-prey ecosystem that tracked their movements through RealSense Depth Sensing Cameras. Raising an arm caused schools of fish to scatter. Strumming harp strings produced otherworldly sounds that caused on-screen plankton to dance.

The 12 foot by 20 foot freestanding structure included a visual display composed of 30 LCD screens. Twenty-five Intel RealSense cameras tracked visitors’ motion through computer vision, while Intel Curie wristbands detected specific gestures. Intel Galileo IoT Boards sensed the movement of the harp strings, while Core i7 processors processed the sensor data and rendered the graphics and audio that brought the experience together.

Over the course of CES, SenseScape helped Intel to garner a whopping 13,000 press mentions. Exit surveys from Evolio Marketing and Exhibit Surveys Inc. found that 95% of visitors to the Intel booth agreed that “Intel makes amazing experiences possible,” and 93% of attendees agreed that Intel’s products outperform those of their competitors.

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