SenseScape showcased the experiential power of Intel's sensor and IoT technology at the Consumer Electronics Show

As part of its Experience Amazing campaign, Intel wanted to show off it’s latest sensors and IoT technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They wanted to show that Intel is about more than just powerful chips. They create a wide range of products that enable new kinds of interactive experiences. For CES 2016, they again challenged us to create something the world had never seen before.

Inspired by a visit to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, we created SenseScape, an immersive interactive experience where imaginary underwater creatures respond to the movements of CES attendees. Smaller creatures flock together as they avoid predators swimming through the space. Creatures also respond to hand movements with startled motions and bursts of color.

Specific hand gestures cause creatures on screen to move in specific patterns. Visitors pluck a series of vertical strings to make waves on screen and trigger notes in the activation’s melodic soundtrack. All of these interactions use Intel’s technology, including RealSense cameras, Curie gesture sensing chips, Galileo IoT boards and Core i7 processors.

SenseScape was located front and center in Intel’s booth, and captured the imagination of show attendees. Exit surveys from Evolio Marketing and Exhibit Surveys Inc. found that 95% of visitors to the Intel booth agreed that “Intel makes amazing experiences possible.” 93% agreed that Intel’s products outperform those of their competitors. 68% said that Intel’s booth was one of the five best at CES. Intel got 13,000 mentions in the press and blogs during the show.

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